Plant theatre

Greys Court, Oxfordshire

On a day out at Greys Court last year, my Mum admired a plant theatre, filled with pansies and violas. In the gift shop, she picked up a leaflet that contained instructions for making one, and then thought no more about it.

On Christmas Day last year, after all the presents had been opened, my Dad disappeared into the garage and came back in, carrying a large present for my Mum. It was a plant theatre, similar to the one above. Every time Mum had gone out, Dad had worked on it in secret. Dad’s not big on grand (or small) gestures, so we were all quite gobsmacked.

The theatre now has pride of place on the wall of the house, and is currently filled with pansies and violas, just like this one.

Season’s greetings!

9 thoughts on “Plant theatre”

  1. The flowers’ attentive little faces look more like a Christmas panto audience to me. I imagine any breeze would set them off into a chorus of ‘behind you!’.

  2. What a brilliant idea. A theatre like this not only suitable for auriculas (is that the spelling?) but other kinds of plants!
    Margaret P

  3. They can be beautiful additions to the garden for sure and are such a beautiful way to showcase your plants. Keep the fantastic articles coming and us gardeners will be back. 🙂

  4. So lovely! It’s inspired me to take the top part of a china cabinet that we don’t use and which is just sitting in the basement, and bring it outdoors for the summer to fill with pots of plants like your theater. Christie

  5. Have just come across your picture of the plant theatre found in Oxford.
    I am now keen to make one for my wife’s plants.


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