Brixton Nights

Here’s one of the best gardens I’ve seen in a long time. It belongs to Deborah Nagan and Michael Johnson, and it was open during the Chelsea Fringe. Deborah and … Read more

The Midnight Apothecary

‘Gardening and drinking go really well together,’ says Lottie Muir, aka the Cocktail Gardener.¬†And she should know – by day she’s a volunteer gardener at the Brunel Museum and by … Read more

The Oranges & Lemons Garden – with royal approval!

Here’s the second of my ‘before and after’ posts – this time the Oranges & Lemons Garden in Shoreditch. I helped oversee the garden for the Chelsea Fringe. This was … Read more

The Grove of Idleness

A while ago, I published a picture of a dark, dank space at the back of the Idler Academy, and promised to show you its transformation for the Chelsea Fringe. … Read more