Ashley Gardens


I went to the RHS Halls in Victoria today for a preview of the London Orchid Show and to hear about what the RHS shows have in store this year. I chatted to Colin Crosbie, Curator at RHS Garden Wisley. He said that plants are an addiction, and he often has to fib to his wife when she spots a new plant in their garden, claiming that it’s been there for ages. My mum does a similar thing with my dad. I guess it’s the horticultural equivalent of someone with a shopping addiction claiming to have had a new pair of shoes for years.

Anyway, after the show I went shopping. I tried on some clothes, hated all of them and found myself in a bit of a bad mood (I hate shopping). And then I spied a street full of cherry trees in bloom, and found myself drawn to it.

The trees led to Ashley Gardens, a Victorian block of flats. Its garden is a cornucopia of shade-loving plants – hellebores, fatsias, camellias, Arum italicum, tree ferns, hardy geraniums and so on – with paths and mystery doorways and different levels. I spent a happy few minutes taking pics – along with someone else (I hope she doesn’t have a rival blog to this one!Q).

When I walked off I realised my spirits had lifted considerably. So I guess I’m with Colin on the addiction front. Oh well – plants are (usually) cheaper than shoes…

2 thoughts on “Ashley Gardens”

  1. Would you be allowed to provide a hyperlink to the locations you are at e.g. a GoogleMaps link? Or is that against the spirit of your blog (esp. if its someone’s front garden)? I just thought it might be nice for your readers to be able easily to go to the places you’ve been to.

    I like the way the flowers and brickwork go together, and the composition of your pic.

    • Well that’s an idea! Would I need a postcode though?? Will look into it. I’m flattered that you think anyone would want to follow in my footsteps. And that you think I have more than one reader! x


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