Caught in the act III

Dartmouth Park

As I’ve observed on this blog before, the likelihood of someone being home as I’m snapping their garden seems to be disproportionately high. These days I have a card at the ready and most people are more than happy to have their garden photographed.

My luck ran out last weekend, though. The cockles of my heart still warm from the house a few doors down (see previous post), I found this other lovely display (there were also some other pots that you can’t see, which contained French marigolds and cornflowers). I got my camera out, raised it… and then heard some loud banging on the window from behind the net curtains. This was accompanied by an emphatic ‘NO!’. And then the curtains were pulled to one side.

Having been a gardening journalist for several years, I am used to the fact that the owner of a garden is often not at all what you’d expect from the look of their garden. And that was certainly the case here. I was imagining someone at bit boho and middle class (as most of the inhabitants of Dartmouth Park are). Let’s just say that the person shouting at me was not remotely like that…

8 thoughts on “Caught in the act III”

  1. Good morning young lady,
    A friend of mine has alerted me to the fact that somebody { YOU ] have been snooping around my garden and taking pictures to show off on your computer site. Did you not think it polite to ask for my permission? And how dare you make jokes about my lack of teeth.. I dare you to come around here and say that to my face. I’m from Hackney you know.

    • Dear Mrs Coates
      Thank you for you comments. I didn’t mention your teeth – I was careful not to. But I’ll be sure to let you know next time I’m coming round so you can put them in.
      Best wishes
      Veronica x

      • young lady
        I was only joking . you are most welcome to pop round , take photographs of my
        garden , flowers , any time you like. I am absolutely chuffed , over the moon , that
        somebody with as much knowledge of plants , flowers , gardens , as you obviously
        posess , finds my little old garden worth phographing and such a delight. When i shouted no i was actually shouting no at the cat who had just done a poop on the carpet.
        take care young lady
        mrs coates


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