Chelsea – the verdict

Cleve West's Daily Telegraph Garden
Sarah Eberle's Monaco Garden
The Cancer Research Garden
Diarmuid Gavin's Irish Sky Garden
Cornish Memories Garden

What to say about the ‘greatest flower show on earth’ (as Alan Titchmarsh says year after year)? For what it’s worth, I liked Cleve West’s garden best (and not just because it won Best in Show).  But I still prefer the one he did for SAGA a few years back – one of my all-time favourites. I also liked Sarah Eberle’s Monaco garden (light and airy and sustainable too) and the Cancer Research one  (lovely seaside planting). And surprisingly, Diarmuid Gavin’s – but more for the lush planting than the pink pod hanging from a crane.

The small artisan gardens at Chelsea can be a bit cutesy but I always like to see them as they show how much can be achieved in a tiny space. My favourite was the garden with a rather unfortunate brief (pardon the pun): an evocation of a Korean toilet. I couldn’t get a shot of it of that due to the aforementioned lady in national costume and a TV crew but you can see it here. And I loved the pots in the Cornish Memories garden.


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  1. Great pics and I like the pots too. Heard Cleve West at a talk on Tuesday night – he was great and full of insightful comments about the garden design industry. Now really looking forward to seeing his garden in real life too on Saturday.


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