Corporate communications

Old Street

I had to go on a training course last week, entitled ‘Communication Skills for Managers’. I was not relishing the idea. 1) I’m not a manager 2) I don’t like business speak 3) It was in the East End and I always get lost there and 4) It started at 9am, which meant getting up a whole hour earlier than usual.

But it was great. We had to do role plays with actors, and they were brilliant. And it’s always interesting to be the East End, which is probably the most interesting and original part of London these days. I tried taking pics of quite a few places, including a salvage yard and an eerie churchyard which will soon be home to the salvage yard, but they didn’t quite work.

So here’s a picture of the planting outside a building called Telephone House. It’s not really my cup of tea and would probably look better on the driveway of a chateau in the south of France, but it cheered up this corner of London on a drizzly afternoon.

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