Garden appreciation


I spend a lot of time standing in front of this garden. It’s where I wait to be picked up whenever I’ve been travelling by train, and as Christian’s timekeeping isn’t the best, I often spend five, ten or even fifteen minutes looking at it. The jumble of perennials keeps me entertained, and there’s seemingly something new each time. I’ve grown very fond of it.

7 thoughts on “Garden appreciation”

  1. This garden does offer a lot to look at. My husband and I will be in Bath for a few days in August, so I’m enjoying your “previews” of the gardens!

  2. Hi Veronica, I’ve re-found your blog and spent a happy time looking back through recent posts. All very lovely. This front garden does have a lot going on. Hope you’re very well and enjoying life. Sam xx

    • Hi Sam, lovely to hear from you! I feel like the blog has gone down the pan a bit since I moved here (surprisingly, London was brilliant for gardens) and got my own garden, where there is so much to do! Your blog is really charming and your new life by the sea looks fab! And we have matching black sheds. You can’t beat a black shed! x

  3. You are right. The garden looks so adorable. I would gladly spend some of my time relaxing with such a lovely view in front of me. You are lucky to have such beautiful sightseeing around the area you live. Really nice!


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