Lounging, Turkish style

Touran Hill Camp, Kabak, Turkey
Cirali, Turkey
Kabak Natural Life, Kabak

‘Why stand up when you can sit down and why sit down when you can lie down?’ is one of my dad’s favourite sayings – not that I’ve ever seen him put it into practice. But it’s a concept that the Turks understand completely.

Much of the outdoor lounging in Turkey is done in ‘kosks’ – wooden platforms covered with rugs and cushions. They range from the pretty fancy to the very basic – some are little more than a palette with an old mattress on top. People share meals on them (on low tables) or simply lie back and daydream. Shoes aren’t allowed.

I’ve been roadtesting quite a few kosks recently and can confirm that it’s impossible not to relax on one. In fact I don’t want to sit on a deckchair ever again.

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  1. Veronica- ‘surprised we didn’t bump into each other, Amsterdam Open Garden style! ‘Also just back from Turkey! Love your pictures. When I get round to posting mine I’ll send you a link.


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