Mum’s garden

St Albans

‘The garden’s looking terrible!’ said my Mum when I went back home last weekend. This is a familiar refrain on my mum’s part but no one else can ever see what the problem is. The garden is complimented by anyone who visits and the front garden once won a ‘front garden of the year’ competition without Mum even entering it.

I found Dad painting the beehive, which isn’t really a beehive but a tool bin made by my Uncle Ian, who isn’t really my uncle but a family friend. I think even Mum would have to admit that it looks nice amid the cow parsley under the trees at the bottom of the garden.

3 thoughts on “Mum’s garden”

  1. …but if the beehive isn’t really a beehive and Uncle Ian isn’t a blood relative, how can we be sure that it is actually cow parsley and not an imposter?! Very clever idea though. I wonder if something similar could be made to disguise my unsightly wheelie bins.

    • Ha ha, yes apart from that it’s all entirely genuine. ‘Uncle’ Ian made if from old fence panels. They often have good bin disguises at the Chelsea Flower Show…x

  2. Been to my Mum’s today too. Not a prize winning garden, but what I love about it is it’s imperfections. Living in S.London she has light chalky soil, (unlike my N.London rock hard clay at the moment) and plants in her garden love to self seed everywhere. Spent most of the day tidying up borders, which meant mostly pulling out rampant Aquilegias and poppies. Ah, to have such problems in my own garden!


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