Alchemilla mollis on a patio

Alchemilla mollis

What I like about this patio (apart from the amazing view over Bath) is that it Alchemilla mollis all over it. The only self-seeders I get on my patio is weeds, so I’m intrigued as to how this got here – was it planted, or did it come naturally? It reminds me of the fab patio area at Gravetye.

5 thoughts on “Alchemilla mollis on a patio”

  1. I find that alchemilla mollis does self-seed in my garden. It’s rather random, but a pleasant surprise to find a baby and watch it grow and finally be able to move it to somewhere where I want it. Keep watching–you may find some where you aren’t expecting them to be.

  2. That is perfection, and so simple! I love alchemkilla mollis but it doesn’t do much in our garden, I wish it would self-seed a bit more! It’s such a useful plant and looks lovely with purple or blue flowers.
    Margaret P


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