Purple haze

Maida Vale

This is the garden of a client of my friend Naomi and I sometimes help her with it. This was the sight that greeted me when I first walked through the gate in May last year, and I was dead impressed. Alliums are flowering so early this year that I was worried I’d miss them in their prime.

The rest of the garden is pretty huge and divided into rooms. It’s Italianate in style, based on the grand gardens currently being toured in Monty Don’s TV series.

Much as I love it, the pond is a nightmare to mow around with an electric mower.

1 thought on “Purple haze”

  1. It looks beautiful. Alliums are fantastic bulbs, they almost float above the rest of the border. My purples are just on their way out but have now passed the baton to the white who are about to flower so that’s several weeks of interest. Love ’em.


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