Covent Garden

I’d heard about Sarastro‘s legendary greenery but had never seen it for myself until last Sunday. The building and pavement are swathed in ivy, ferns and bedding and it’s pretty much an unmissable feature of Covent Garden’s hinterland. It’s one of those gardens-where-there-is-no-garden that I am always pleased to see.

As I was taking a pic, a tourist couple asked us to take a picture of them under one of the arches. They then offered to return the favour and take a pic of us. I’ll spare you that, though, as I’ve yet to see a good pic of myself (no offence to Paul Debois, who took the pic at the top of this blog), and this one was no exception…

2 thoughts on “Sarastro”

  1. Sarastro’s are commercial tenants of Peabody Trust (where I work). They are good enough to provide planting all the way along our fencing to make our rather sombre estates at Wild Street and Bruce House look fantastic year round. What a valuable and undersung community service in an urban area.


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