Newton St Loe, Bath
Newton St Loe, Bath

Well, it’s been quite a winter, hasn’t it? What with working from home and the dreadful rain, blogging opportunities have been few and far between. But when I have ventured out, I’ve been struck by the snowdrops. All the gardens around here seem to have them and they’re lining the hedgerows too. They’re white and pristine despite the pounding rain – they’re so much tougher than they look.

I once interviewed a woman who had turned her front garden into a winter garden – she said that even if she never ventured far in winter and the weather was lousy, the winter flowers would cheer her when she got in and out of the car.

These front garden snowdrops are certainly mood enhancers. The ones below are planted in a raised bed at waist height – all the better for appreciating them between the car and front door.


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  1. Flowers seem to be blooming out of their usual order this spring. The crocuses are slow in catching up with the snowdrops and in one garden summer snowflake (Leucojum aestivum) is starting to flower. There’ll be lots of daffodils for St. David’s Day this year.


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