Only in Soho, I would wager, is it possible to see two prostitutes and an apple tree within a few feet of each other.

No sooner had my friend Vicky told me that her boyfriend was once propositioned in Soho by a lady who said ‘Any business?’ then we saw two women and two men down an alleyway, all looking slightly shifty. Of course there could be a perfectly innocent explanation for the goings-on, but let’s just say that the women weren’t dressed for a day at the office or a night out and there was definitely some kind of deal going on. Then we heard one woman saying to the other, ‘Do you want one or two?’ Oooer.

Moments later we walked past 68 Dean Street, where this apple tree had lots of juicy-looking fruits on it. There’s also a big old ivy and a jasmine, which makes the house look like its been there for years. Which of course it has – since 1681, in fact. I’d never noticed it before, but it’s used for photo and film shoots.

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  1. whenever i am propositioned by a lady of the night (or middle of the afternoon) in Soho (as I often am!) my response is ‘Sorry, I’m not your type’, which always throws them.


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