St John’s Wood

St Johns Wood

St John’s Wood has the highest box-ball-per-capita ratio of anywhere in the world and more people are employed to cut topiary there than in the whole of Italy. The area has more electric gates than all of the prisons in the UK and chihuahuas outnumber humans by a ratio of 2:1.

I could carrying on making up facts about St John’s Wood all day, but you get the idea – it’s seriously posh.

That’s why I was surprised to see this wafty, naturalistic planting in a front garden. There’s an awful lot of formal hard landscaping in SJW, so this is a very refreshing change.

2 thoughts on “St John’s Wood”

  1. Gorgeous. I love it when people have the confidence to do their own thing especially in such a traditional area as SJ’sW where it would be so tempting to simply follow the crowd. The same with the window box in your last post -the orange geraniums were an inspiration.


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