St Michael’s Mount

St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

It’s impossible not to fall for the charms of St Michael’s Mount – it looks atmospheric from afar, and romantic from within. The garden is ever so pretty, filled with exotic plants (the granite rock acts as a giant heat store) that can withstand salt-laden winds. Succulents abounded,which made me very happy – my favourites are below.

The garden is a tad precarious – the garden was crowded when we visited, and when there was a bottleneck on the paths, it wasn’t hard to imagine someone toppling off one of the terraces. While we were visiting, a woman had to be airlifted off the castle path by a Royal Navy helicopter – a private drama made public. Her rescue seemed to take ages, the helicopter whirring rather menacingly above our heads. It made me feel fortunate to be eating ice cream, admiring succulents and enjoying my holiday. I hope she was ok.


10 thoughts on “St Michael’s Mount”

  1. We went in December. You have to go on a 2 hour tour then, but it is so worth it and the garden still looked good. I loved the boat cum car that takes passengers across!

  2. I was quite surprised how much there was there. It is in a very exposed location – so just shows you what you can do in even the least promising locations. Scilly Islands next!
    Oh the succulents where amazing!

  3. Absolutely fabulous … but vertigo inducing ! I don’t recognise those succulents (bit rubbish where they are concerned!) but they are really lovely with that delicate red edging. Do you know what they are by any chance ?

    • Hi Jane – I made a mental note of the name, thinking I’d remember it, but of course it has slipped my mind! It had ‘sun’ or ‘sunshine’ in the name I think, but I’ve done a quick Google and nothing has come up. They’re native to the Canary Islands. They were £10 in the shop, which I thought was a bit steep – but I wish I’d bought one now (not least because I’d have a label!).


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