Tanglewood Garden

Tanglewood Garden, Cornwall
Newbridge, nr Penzance, Cornwall

In Cornwall recently, I spotted a handwritten sign to a ‘wild garden’. The morning’s plans were immediately ditched and we swerved down a narrow country lane in search of it.

I’m glad we did. The garden is called Tanglewood, and the first part of it is woodland. We were immediately charmed by the miniature door at the base of a tree, complete with miniature axe and logs, as if the inhabitants of the Magic Faraway Tree weren’t far away. There are chainsaw wood carvings dotted throughout the garden, made from trees that have fallen, all with a humorous touch.

After the woodland bit, the garden opens out and becomes a series of large ponds, all dug out by the owners. A pair of wooden legs dive into one pond, and a kingfisher (complete with crown) is doing a spot of fishing in another.

This is not a manicured garden – there are many native trees and flowers, and brambles, nettles, grass and weeds are allowed to flourish in order to benefit wildlife.

The owners’ humour is in evidence everywhere (I know how the chap below feels…).

As we were walking around, we bumped into the owner. He told us that he and his partner bought the site in 2001 and have gradually been developing it. At the end of our chat I said that I particularly liked the miniature door at the base of the tree. He looked at me, completely deadpan, and said, ‘That was already here – it nothing to do with me.’


8 thoughts on “Tanglewood Garden”

  1. This is a delight! I want to go there – NOW! Husband Chris tells grandson Harrison stories about a little boy who meets a little old man in a wood who lives in a tree, and he goes into it through a little door just like this … I can’t believe you have found the tree! Also, our house is called Tanglewood! What a coincidence!

  2. It is so lovely to see comments re Tanglewood wild garden, my husband and I love it and to hear such great comments is telling us we did the right thing in opening to the public. Tony works hard at keeping it just right 50% humans 50% wildlife, and his sense of humour has always needed an escape!!!!!!
    Thank you again from Mrs Tanglewood and her mischievous hubby.

    • Hi Kerry
      I meant to email to let you know I’d mentioned Tanglewood on my blog, so I’m glad you found it! I love the idea of 50% humans, 50% wildlife so keep up the good work!
      Best wishes


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