The Chalice Well Garden

Chalice Well Garden, Glastonbury

The last few days in the West Country have been cold but beautifully sunny and yesterday it felt almost spring-like. To blow some cobwebs away, we walked up Glastonbury Tor and on the way back, popped into the Chalice Well Garden.

What a lovely place. It’s very tranquil, largely due to the water from the Chalice Well that flows throughout – into pools, rills and the main Vesica Pool (above). The iron-rich waters stain the stone red. Birds were tweeting furiously, and the garden was awash with strong scents from sarcococca, mahonia and viburnum. I’ve never seen so many seats in a garden, for quiet contemplation – one has a lovely view of the Tor (below).

As we sat and stared at the Vesica Pool, I was reminded of a story that a hippy friend told me recently. He took his new girlfriend to the garden last year, at a point when they hadn’t really talked about how their relationship was going. As they sat side by side at the edge of the pool, he thought he’d ask her: ‘Would you like to be my girlfriend?’. To which she replied: ‘I thought I already was.’ They’re now living together.


5 thoughts on “The Chalice Well Garden”

  1. Glastonbury is one of the few places of the country that I haven’t visited. That does look like a nice peaceful garden.

    The whole girlfriend/boyfriend thing is funny, I never could work those things out……

  2. I love the Chalice Well Garden, although I haven’t been for a while. You’ve reminded me about it, it’s such a beautiful and tranquil place. I used to visit Glastonbury regularly, but we live a little further away now, so I rarely go. I really must try and visit again soon.


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