The Watermill

Die Wassermuhle, Faralya, Turkey

Temperatures can hit 40 degrees in summer in southern Turkey but at Die Wassermuhle near Butterfly Valley, it’s always cool. That’s because the gardens of the hotel are almost entirely in shade, thanks to numerous trees and covered walkways. They’re widely planted with ivy, and a few choice artefacts and geraniums in terracotta pots are dotted about. Soothing sound effects come courtesy of trickling water from a natural spring – which also fills the swimming pool.

It’s heaven.

6 thoughts on “The Watermill”

  1. I am also a girl without a garden, currently in a hot climate as well (Barbados), but lived in London for two years, also gardenless there. I was and am always grateful for public landscaping, it kept and keeps me a lot happier while I am without a garden of my own.

  2. I scrabble a patch out of a communal garden in London so know the frustrations of not owning your own. Lovely bog and images Veronica and as you asked about my collages – I use Picasa (free download) or make my own in Adobe.


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