Tree fern

Tree fern in winter, in a basement stairwell in Fitzroy Square, London

Temperatures have plummeted recently, but in Fitzroy Square it seems to be an eternal summer. The red geraniums that filled every window box during the Jubilee and Olympic summer are still going strong, and this tree fern, in the stairwell of a basement flat, is surviving without any protection (shame someone’s thrown a ball of newspaper into it, but that’s London for you).

A tree fern is an interesting solution to this most tricky of spaces – I’ve never seen this idea before. I think it works pretty well.

6 thoughts on “Tree fern”

  1. Oh if it were only so temperate in NW8.

    I lost one of my tree ferns last year and have to take comfort in its sculptural form. The other has a rather smart fleece jacket and looks quite distinctive but no where near as impressive as this one!

  2. The ball of newspaper may indeed by the frost protection for the tree fern. I’m concerned that we didn’t do anything for ours during the last cold spell. Ball of newspaper is a good idea in a emergency.


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