Viola + crocus


A few weeks back I posted a picture of my violas¬†(Viola deltini ‘Rose Pink’),¬†which had been blooming their socks off for weeks come rain or shine (mostly rain). I had put some crocus bulbs (Crocus tommasianus ‘Whitewell Purple’) underneath, and they’ve come up a treat. They’re exactly the same colour as the violas, which I kind of like, but next time I think I’ll plant yellow or orange ones as more of a contrast…

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2 thoughts on “Viola + crocus”

  1. It’s funny I was thinking a few days ago that Veronica hasn’t posted in ages. When in fact it’s that my wordpress feed hasn’t shown this post up or the one you did on saturday. It’s very annoying that it is so intermittent on non-wordpress blogs.

    It has been a great year for crocus (crocii? crocus’s? crocus’?) this spring. I guess the wet weather stopped in time for them.

    Also if I’m not mistaken your fence is ‘Wild Thyme’….


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