Virginia creeper

Virginia creeper
Wimpole Street, W1

I first walked past this building a while back and was struck by the Virginia creeper, which almost entirely clothed the building in green. It was quite a sight then but it’s really come into its own now – its autumn foliage looks like party streamers.

The first time I walked past, the creeper hung halfway down the doorway, which must have meant people had to duck to get into the house. It’s now had a bit of a haircut around the door, but it’s well and truly grown its fringe out over the windows. It completely covers them, like living outdoor curtains.

I’d love to know who inhabits this building. Whoever it is can’t be too fussed about daylight, or really likes their privacy.

Virginia creeper

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  1. Love the leaves on the step – they look like confetti! Can’t think why they cover the window – maybe it’s home to someone from the medical profession who needs privacy when they work.


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