Weekend inspiration: cherry blossom


I have a large wild cherry in my garden that was smothered in blackfly when I moved in last summer – and I mean smothered. It looked very sorry for itself. I didn’t have high hopes for it come spring, but I’ve been surprised.

The tree is obscuring the area where I want to grow veg, so I pruned it to allow more sun to hit my future veg patch. The branches had tons of flower buds on them, so I brought them indoors and put them in a vase. There are no flowers outside yet, but indoors they’re flowering beautifully.

4 thoughts on “Weekend inspiration: cherry blossom”

  1. You’ve open my eyes to the beauty of apple/tree blossom …. think its my favorite ‘flower’… I love the dark of the wood and the green and then the delicate flowers. Oh I think Faye’s right about the green …. it would be surely ‘folly’ to repaint this! TB


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