White tulips

The Walled Garden at Mells, Somerset

This year I went for some rather flamboyant tulip pot combos in shades of orange, red, purple and pink. I never managed to get a decent photo of them as they never all looked good at the same time, flopped in the sun or flopped in the rain. But overall I was pretty pleased with them, and they certainly gave a blaze of colour in an otherwise bare garden.

Then I saw these pure white tulips (I think they might be ‘White Triumphator’) at the Walled Garden at Mells. They really stood out among the emerging perennials, and looked quietly magnificent. So much so that a stray red tulip nearby looked positively garish. Maybe I’ll go for a more muted palette next year…

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4 thoughts on “White tulips”

  1. In our first years at this house we went for only black or white tulips, but in the last few years have had all sorts, plus ones up at the allotment. We have some particularly lovely ones with pink and grey heads. I don’t know it’s name but will find out…

  2. strangely we have no idea, as we only ordered one pink which was Angelique and it’s not that one…

    its very pretty, but quite unusual, and there are a few of them all the same, although the grey has dropped off as they have matured.


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