Winter blossom arch

Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn'

Viburnum tinus ‘Bodnantense Dawn’ is one of my favourite plants – it flowers in the middle of winter and has the most fantastic scent that stops you in your tracks.

This one is in a community garden near Waterloo. It’s somehow been trained to cover an arch – its base is covered by the fence I was peering over, so I’m not sure how it’s been done. But it’s a nice idea, don’t you think?

10 thoughts on “Winter blossom arch”

  1. Hello Veronica.

    I know its been a while but I haven’t been too well dear. Nothing too serious. Just a couple of nasty colds and 3 or 4 migraines. Wouldn’t be surprised if its down to that time i fell from the bridge into the river Thames. Anyway how have you been. Hope all is well. You say that the Bodnantense Dawn is one of your favourite plants and I know exactly what you mean. Its a real beauty. Keep meaning to get one for the garden. The woman two doors down has got one in hers. Lovely plant and good on you for giving it a bit of publicity. Shame they don’t sell them in Tescos.

    Before I go I must tell you about my Friday evening Veronica. Funny old night it was. I had only poped
    out to get some hovis but somehow I ended up in a house party. Minding my own business I was walking down the street when I heard loud music coming from this house. Anyway I noticed the door open so I poped in for a minute. Bit nosy of me I know but then they did call me nosy coates round my area when I was young. Once a nosy always a nosy I guess. Besides I only wanted to see what it was all about. Bit cheeky of me to help myself to some of that food on the table but looked like there was lots to go round. Just a bit of Indian it was and a few prawns. Call me mad Veronica but I didn’t want anybody to see me eating their grub so I went into the toilet /bathroom , shut the door and ate it in there. It was so nice that I couldn’t help meself sneaking back into the main room , round the table , for some more. Nobody even seemed to notice there was a strange old lady in the house carrying a loaf of hovis. All too busy chatting they were , if you can call it that. Never heard so much gibberish in my life Veronica. I’m sure you’d agree if you’d been there. Anyway it was whilst I was at the table planning my second food raid that I suddenly
    noticed those slimy snails. I’ve never run out of an house so fast dear. I’d only been in an house of cannibals hadn’t I. I’m sure tha’ts what they were. I mean , snails in a bowl Veronica , what’s that all about. Deffinetely Cannibals.
    Anyway take care. All my love dear.
    Mrs Coates

    • Mrs C! Glad to hear you’re ok – hadn’t heard from you in a while so was getting a bit worried about you! That party sounds terrible! Never trust anyone who serves snails. Were you in the NW6 area by any chance? I’ve heard a lot of snail eating and general pretentiousness goes on around there. Take care of yourself and stay in touch! Veronica x

  2. We have this shrub in our garden and it is smelling stunning at the moment. We keep cutting bits off (its a big specimen) and bringing them into the house, where the warmth brings out the smell.

    P.S Mrs Coates sounds fun. Does she have a blog?

    • How lovely. I had one in my old garden and used to do the same. Mrs Coates is a lot of fun. Sadly she doesn’t have her own blog but I keep telling her to start one. I don’t think she’s that au fait with the internet, though!

  3. This was one of the 3 plants Birmingham Organic Gardeners bought my mum in my dad’s memory and planted in her garden. It’s looking wonderful at the moment and it always makes me smile – he was rather proud of the acronym he’d thought up when BOG was founded 😉

  4. I’ve only just come to admire Viburnum – how have I not admired it before now? This trained tree is very interesting, I had no idea you could do that. When I get myself a bigger garden I will definitely be getting one of these trees 🙂

  5. Some of the best tree blossom I’ve seen in London was in the front garden of one of the big mansions in Kensington Palace Gardens (billionaires row!) as I walked to one of my clients. Absolutely breathtaking pinks and whites.

    Owned by a certain Indian steel tycoon!


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