Winter grasses

Radstock, Somerset

I first passed this garden in Radstock in late summer. It’s bold planting for a public space, stuffed with grasses and late-season perennials. I passed it again a few weeks ago and the grasses were at their winter best.

I’d love to know more about this garden – who designed it? Does anyone know?

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2 thoughts on “Winter grasses”

  1. It was these gardens which inspired my Public Planting/Out on the Streets blog theme and campaign way back in 2009. I first saw them looking great in November 2008 and I still think they’re one of the best I’ve seen anywhere.

    It was a local firm of landscape architects which designed them about 8-10 years ago – New Leaf Studios if memory serves.

    BTW it was my writing about public planting which led to me discovering your blog because Paul Debois told me about it 🙂


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