Amsterdam roses


If the number one plant in Amsterdam is box, the second is most definitely the rose. Roses are everywhere, scrambling over doorways, steps and walls.

Here in the UK you don’t see many roses in pots, especially climbing ones. Somehow the message we seem to have absorbed is that they don’t grow well that way. However in Amsterdam roses are often growing in the tiniest pots imaginable (as you can see from the pic above) and are positively blooming.

8 thoughts on “Amsterdam roses”

  1. I bet that rose’s roots are out through the bottom of the pot and working their way into the building’s foundations!

  2. What really lovely roses and shown to their best against a backdrop of fabulous door detail. I am surprised at the size of the containers but maybe they are regularly fed. Gorgeous photographs.

  3. Definitely on my list for next year. I love town gardens & try to go to the NGS ones open in towns rather than th more suburban & countrified ones.

    Have you been to the open patio gardens in Cordoba? A week in May if I remember rightly. Monty Don covered them in his 80 garden’s series. They were mainly all pots of geraniums and fuschias set of by lush courtyard greenery & the odd climbing rose.


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