When I was at King Henry’s Walk Garden the other day I saw this bike lock. I’ve spotted quite a few of them over town recently and had been wondering who made them. Turns out they’re called PlantLocks and are made by the Front Yard Company, which aims to make front yards and gardens useful places for storing objects securely and attractively. Hurrah for them.

A PlantLock costs £135 inc VAT and weighs about 75kg when planted up, rendering it immoveable. Nifty, huh?

2 thoughts on “PlantLocks”

  1. Speaking as a cyclist, I thought I liked these little plant locks at first. But then I realised that when you’ve got a couple of bikes attached to them, you can’t actually see the plants, which defeats the object, doesn’t it? I love bikes – but not when they’re obscuring some much needed greenery…


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