Cyclamen coum

Cyclamen coum, box and ivy
Wimpole Street

I must say I’m getting a trifle weary of winter bedding (and winter in general – will it ever end?), but this window box makes a refreshing change. Cyclamen coum are usually planted in the ground, but here they’re being used as bedding. They’re on top of some railings, so passersby can enjoy them at eye level. I much prefer them to the ubiquitous larger-flowered types.

There’s some interesting leaf textures going on, here too – the tiny leaves of the box, the larger leaves of the cyclamen, and the variegated ivy. Lovely.


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9 thoughts on “Cyclamen coum”

  1. Only me Dear. Mrs Coates. How are you Veronica? Hope all is well.

    Couldn’t agree with you more bout the cyclamen coum. Must get some when i’m at the nursery next week. So anyway we went round Miss Argentinas today but she was out visiting her sister so nothing to
    report on that front. But when I do see her she’s going to get it alright. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it
    again. You don’t mess with the Coates and get away with it.

    Oh I must tell you about what we did last night. We went out with our neighbour and her daughter to a
    film thingamy -bob in St Albans which I must say is a lovely town. My neighbours daughters friend had entered a short film into a competition and that film and a few others had got through to the final. It was the over 18’s category. My neighbour thought Stan and me might enjoy the evening so invited us to go along.
    It wasn’t free though. No we had to pay 7 pounds each for the ticket. Bit expensive if you ask me to watch a few crap 5 minute films and believe me Veronica they were awful. And so rude too. I didn’t know
    where to look half the time. One of the most uncomfortable evenings in my whole life. There were all types of naughty things happening. There was one film which ended with a grubby man pleasuring himself in his bathtub with a young womans knickers on his head.I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then there was a film about an old American grandmother talking dirty down the phone to young men. I mean can you imagine how I felt sitting in there watching all that nastiness. It came to the point Veronica where I could take not a second more. I grabbed Stanley and said right come on we’re going. Because we were sitting right in the middle it was difficult to get out. I probably shouldn’t have but I couldn’t stop myself calling them all a bunch of perverts as I stormed out.And before we left the building I asked to speak to the manager to demand a refund. She did give it to us too which was lucky or I don’t know what I would have done I was so angry. My neighbour says that she can understand how I was feeling so no hard feelings there. She wasn’t to know what type of films they were going to show. We all laughed about it on our journey home. Her daughters friends film came second which wasn’t bad. I had to ask her what it was about because we had walked out before they showed it. She said it was a bit of a murder mystery which is alright. As for dirty granny. She only went and won it. Anyway. Take Care.

    • Coincidentally, I went to the same ‘film thingamy bob’ that Mrs. Coates was misfortunate enough to sit through. However I’d chosen to see the music videos in the seedy back room of a gentrified commuter pub. Most of the bands playing had entered a video in the competition, unfortunately we didn’t get to see them. Well, that’s not quite true, we did get to see them, what was missing though was the sound, which is rather important for a music video I’ve always thought. At my suggestion one of the solo acts played her set again (bless her) to entertain the audience, while other bands’ videos were being screened behind her, but still no sound.
      Eventually we were told the videos would be screened later on at another venue, so unlike Mrs. Coates I never had the opportunity to fully appreciate the quality, or otherwise, of the entries.

      • I don’t what you are trying to pull here HUW but DON’T YOU DARE!! Do you hear me? Don’t you bloody dare !! Whats your game telling people you were at the same film festival
        that I was. What kind of name is HUW anyway. I’ve heard of Hugh { Grant springs to mind }
        but Huw is a new one to me LOL. Just sat down with my digestives and a cuppa looking forward to a good dip when I saw your pack of lies. There were no bands , was no music , at the film festival I attended. What are you on about? If there had been music I’d have heard it. Stop telling porkies young man. I’m assuming you are a man with a name like Huw. So I’m telling you now don’t you ever put my name in your pack of lies ever again. I’m sorry about this Veronica. I feel bad having a go on your blog but that really upset me. Put me right off my McVities dip. Speak to you soon dear.Lots of Love. Mrs Coates.
        P.s. Had a call paellahead yesterday. Going round theirs for lunch on the 30th. ta ta now.

        • Oh my! I didn’t realise the film festival was so exclusive. No wonder the bouncer on the pub door insisted I took my cap off before stepping foot in the venue. Something to do with the cctv cameras and rowdy behaviour. I bet you didn’t have anyone telling you to take your hat off in that posh, city-centre venue above a supermarket. No doubt you had a chair to sit on, we had to stand the whole time in a room only heated by the expectation of the audience.
          Yes, it could have been a different film festival entirely. Perhaps there were two, one for the nobs and one for the hoi polloi.

          By the way, I never did find out – what is your given name?

          • Eh eh excuse me Huw. I’m not sure but are you calling me and my Stan Nobs? I wasn’t sure if we were the nobs or the hoi polloi you related to in your last message. I do hope you weren’t being disrespectful Huw because My son Mark wouldn’t be very happy to hear somebody calling his old mum a nob. Happy Easter to you. We are off to church soon and thank God the sun is out today. Have a nice day Huw and if I can just give you one piece of advice on such a special day it would be not to be rude to old ladies. It isn’t big and it isn’t clever young man. Too-da-loo.

    • Oh, Mrs C! Every time you step out of the house something funny happens! I would have thought the clue about those films was in the title – Over 18s? I hope you’ve now recovered.

      St Albans is quite a risqué place – it might look like a pleasant commuter town from the outside but its inhabitants are getting up to all sorts behind closed doors! It was too racy for me, which is why I left.

      Take care of yourself and let me know how you get on with your daughter in law when you finally see her.

      No one messes with Mrs Coates, as I know to my cost!

      Veronica x

  2. I cannot really compete with Mrs Coates lengthy commentary but just wanted to say I really like not only the combination of plants here but the angle too – helps the urban feel or had you just been drinking?


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