Pink and orange


I’m seeing a lot of clashing colours this year – reds and oranges, pinks and oranges and so on – and they’re really growing on me. They make pots unmissable. And I love oranges and reds on a background of black.

This was taken at one of my favourite places, Bridge Nursery, near Dunwich. It’s a nursery (it used to supply Fisk’s clematis) that has a lovely little cafe. It’s very popular with walkers and cyclists and as a result, tables and chairs are gradually creeping into every part of the plant display area. It’s very sheltered, which is very welcome in blustery Suffolk.

I think it’s open every day of the year, even on Christmas Day. My dad is up in arms, though, because they’ve taken to shutting at 4pm during the week. In his view, that’s sacrilege. He says that 4pm isĀ  ‘Britain’s finest hour’ – ie time for a cup of tea. I think he might have a point, although shutting at 4pm is pretty common in sleepy Suffolk.

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