I want one of those


My friend Naomi and I went to the launch party of the Pothole Gardener‘s new book the other night. I was really pleased to be invited because I love what Steve Wheen (aka the Pothole Gardener) does – he fills potholes with temporary mini gardens, complete with accessories such as tiny deckchairs and mini red phone boxes. Isn’t that a lovely, happiness-spreading idea? He did a pothole for the Chelsea Fringe last year (which received a royal visit from Camilla Parker Bowles, no less) and word has it that he’s planning something for this year’s festival, too.

The launch was also a chance to see the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, a new community garden on the site of an old railway line. It was dark, of course, and full of bright young things sipping red wine, eating wood-fired pizza, pedalling away at a bicycle cinema and having their pics taken in a mini garden (instantly spread far and wide on the Twittersphere). But it seems like a vibrant and original community space and I’ll definitely go back in daylight for a better look.

Naomi and I took a wander around the garden and were instantly smitten by this conservatory/potting shed/greenhouse. We both agreed that if we had something like this, we would never want for anything more. Naomi was practically dialling an architect as we left to see if her kitchen could feasibly replaced with an enormous potting shed, and I was mentally adding some kind of glasshouse extension to my ever-expanding fantasy list of house hunting requirements.

2 thoughts on “I want one of those”

  1. Keep on looking at this gorgeous structure and my potting shed envy is getting even stronger. Also lloved the large table running down the middle of the shed. There’d be space for oodles of potting on and a nice lunch with other gardening buddies every now and then. Heaven.


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