Winter light


I used to think that January and February were my least favourite months of the year, but I’m now awarding that dubious accolade to November and December. All of a sudden it feels as if someone has switched the lights off and plunged us all into darkness. January and February may be a bit grim, but at least lighter days are just around the corner.

A friend who knows Scandinavia well says that the dark winters there always seem to be full of light because everyone lights tons of log fires and candles. I’ve long been fascinated by the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced ‘hooga’), which doesn’t translate directly into English but is basically about the art of being cosy and convivial. The charming description of it here it makes me want to jump on a plane and fly to Copenhagen.

I think the Danes would have been impressed by the feeling of hygge at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden last week, at the launch of the Pothole Gardener‘s book (see below). The woodburning stove churned out pizzas, guitars were strummed, candles in jam jars lit up the birch grove and tealights in paper bags glowed on the pergola. It was freezing cold but the atmosphere was warm.

The garden is holding a Festival of Light in November and December – a series of events and activities to light up the garden and brighten dark winter days.  It sounds like more fun than a light box. Details here.

3 thoughts on “Winter light”

  1. Oh Mrs C! You do get yourself into some scrapes! I hope you are fully recovered now. I heard about your run-in with a herd of cows the other day… I will pop around and see your new plants sometime soon. Make sure the garden’s looking good – I thought standards had slipped a bit last time I came x

  2. Highams Park, E4 isn’t generally know for winter cheer. But, lo and behold, not 10 minutes after reading this post, I spotted a cute little tea-light lantern glowing in one of my neighbour’s doorways. It was such a warming sight that we put the Christmas tree up a week early and I spent £2.33 on a smart new tea-light holder. The leftover mulled cider from my son’s party last weekend has helped no end, too… Danish hygge is alive and well in east London!


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