My conservatory

Pelargoniums and paperwhite narcissisi in conservatory

There’s a clash of the seasons in my conservatory at the moment. Some paperwhite narcissi have flowered way earlier than I was expecting, and some pelargoniums (including the wonderfully named ‘Happy Thought’, in the front) have decided to flower again.

The tiny space is getting very congested – I’ve already brought in some tender plants, such as lemon verbenas, which was a bit premature given the ridiculously mild weather we’ve been having. Soon a couple of bananas and a fuchsia will be making their way in. Mind you, the effect I’m going for is Andie McDowell’s indoor greenhouse in the film Green Card, so a bit of congestion is fine by me.

6 thoughts on “My conservatory”

  1. I don’t know that film, so must try and get hold of a copy to see!
    Love your little conservatory – I’d love one, even a small one like that, where you could have your morning coffee or late evening drink. Mind you, I do have a summerhouse, so not completely devoid of a special little room!
    Love all those books. Are they all gardening books, I wonder?
    Margaret P

    • I do use it a lot – for coffee, lunch, dinner etc! It gets lots of sun, so is really nice in winter (until it gets dark and becomes a no-go area!). They are indeed all gardening books. I’ve accumulated loads over the years! x


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