Spider plants

Spider plants in a window box

I’m a big fan of spider plants in a window box. What other plant would trail as brilliantly as this? This pic reminds me of the wonderful window boxes I saw a while back in Connaught Square – they had a few spider plants stuffed into them, in between numerous other delights.

The worst gardener in the world could keep a spider plant alive. I’ve got a couple hanging from the ceiling in my conservatory. They’re hideously pot bound and starved of water a lot of the time (I always seem to forget about them), and exposed to huge extremes of temperature. And yet they still keep pumping out their little baby plants, which I pot up occasionally. You know they’ve finally had enough when their leaves turn very pale, but give them a quick water and they’re soon as right as rain.

Incidentally, I like these dark wooden window boxes – I’ve never seen anything like them before.


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  1. They’re lovely window boxes, really stylish. I like a wander round Cheltenham from time to time, I usually made the effort to go there around Christmas time, you have reminded me.


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