Naomi’s garden (again)

Finsbury Park

My friend Naomi is fast becoming something of a celebrity.

She’s the current go-to person when any media outlet wants an interview on community gardening – not least because of her street growing project‘s involvement in the Chelsea Fringe. She’s had Bunny Guinness on the phone for the Telegraph and BBC (radio and TV) crews beating a path to her door. And rightly so – she’s media friendly, knows what she’s talking about and is talking from first-hand experience.

So it’s just as well that Naomi’s front garden is looking pretty good. The raised bed beneath the window is filled with tulips (‘Helmar’ and ‘Burgundy’). Another is filled with veg. Expect to see quite a lot more of it, and the rest of Naomi’s street, on a TV screen near you soon.

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