I walked around the E17 Art Trail with Mel, a garden picture editor turned gardener. She got what I was trying to do with this blog perfectly, and we had fun spotting potential subjects. We saw some godawful gardens, and a good many more that were just neglected – Mel was itching to give them some TLC. We also saw some sterling gardening efforts in unpromising spots, such as these brightly coloured pots on a drab path.

Mel reckons I should do a parallel blog about truly terrible gardens, and even made me take a pic of a tiny cordyline in a huge terracotta pot with big holes drilled in the side (why??) in preparation.

It’s certainly a tempting idea – it could be along the lines of the Angry People in Local Newspapers. But the idea of this blog is to celebrate, not denigrate, and there’s enough ugliness in the world without me adding to it. Although I could start a ‘Horror of the Month’ feature…

2 thoughts on “Steps”

  1. A ‘Horror of the Month’ feature could be funny but I think you should stick to lovely photos. As you say, there’s plenty of ugliness in the world and there’s no need to add to it!
    Best, Susie


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