The Garden Museum


The Swedish garden designer Ulf Nordfjell gave a talk at the Garden Museum last week. The audience was different to usual: taller, better looking and better dressed. In other words, they were Swedish. They all seemed to know each other and as they rabbited away in their own language I felt like I’d stumbled across a new Scandinavian plant-based TV drama soon to be shown on BBC Four.

Ulf talked mostly about his civic projects in Sweden (they’re big on improving public spaces there, to encourage people to live in the cities). I’d like to have heard more about gardening in a cold climate, as that’s what we seem to now be doing in the UK.

Ulf did say, though, that he focuses on perennials that need light, not heat, to grow. I guess the plants in this picture (taken outside the Garden Museum after his talk) fall into that category – they’re all blooming away despite the cold winter and spring.

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