The Inner Temple Garden


I didn’t get many pics of the Inner Temple Garden as it started to rain (hooray) but I did grab a few of the pots that flank some steps near head gardener Andrea Brunsendorf’s office. Andrea uses this area as her ‘playground’ – it’s where she experiments with different varieties to see which ones will end up in the garden.

Above is a great mix of ‘William of Orange’ and ‘Willemsoord’ tulips, plus what I stupidly thought were a grass but are actually Crocus etruscus ‘Zwanenburg’. Below is the same crocus, mixed with Tulip ‘Zurel’. Andrea says she likes this tulip because it looks good even when the flowers haven’t opened.

The orangey tulip in the front of the combo below is ‘Adrem’. It can be found all over the garden this year and Andrea loves it because it flowers for ages. It’s peachy without being sickly and almost seems to glow. Elsewhere in the garden it’s teamed with the lipstick red tulip, ‘Ile de France’.

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