The Lyric, Hammersmith


My friend Jo works  in a darkened room in Hammersmith, in a TV editing suite. If she manages to escape for a lunch break, this is where she goes. It’s the roof garden of the Lyric Theatre, funded partly by the 5p charge for carrier bags at M&S and created by Groundwork London. It contains some pretty neat ideas, such as the benches with raised beds behind them, that could work well in a smaller garden.

Sadly it was so cold and wet when I visited last week that a lone smoker had the garden all to himself.  Let’s hope we have a decent summer so that it can be properly enjoyed.

5 thoughts on “The Lyric, Hammersmith”

  1. Hello Veronica

    long time. Hope you are well. I myself have just returned with my hubster from our holiday in Marbella.
    We thought of you many times when we were over there. Whenever we saw a pretty plant or bush we’d
    say ‘ Oh V would like that’. Can you believe its been a whole year since I caught you spying in my garden.
    I know yo weren’t spying but you know what I mean. I’d caught you taking pictures of the garden andgave
    a big shout. It still makes us laugh. At Christmas we had all the family over and they were all in stitches
    when I told that story. The laughing went on for a full 10 minutes. We almost missed the QueensSpeech.
    Anyway take care. Lots of love. Mrs Coates.

    • Mrs Coates!! Good to hear from you – I assumed you’d died! Glad to hear Marbella was good and that you still think of me often. I’ll hpefully be round soon to check your front garden is still looking good – if not, there will be trouble!

  2. Mrs Coates,
    You are such a liar! Holiday in Marbella?! Come clean dear…you’ve been doing a good long stretch in Holloway. I don’t even want to think what for. We’ve got an eye on you Mrs Coates….

    • How very dare you. I don’t know if we have ever met Jo but you better hope we do not. You come
      across and somebody with an extremely foul mouth . Wash it out with soap dear. How dare you accuse me of a prison stretch. Any more of that and I shall be getting in touch with my solicitor.
      Do you hear me young Lady.

  3. and one more thing Joanne. You don’t mind if I call you Joanne do you. That is your name isn’t it. I was in Marbella with Len and we did see some lovely gardens that we though Veronica would love to see. We took
    some pictures too but unfortunately we had our bags stolen at the hotel. Veronica is our favourite blogger.
    We might even ask her to come on our next trip with us.


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