Turf war


I really like my friend Sean’s handiwork here – he’s taken an old washing machine drum, filled it with compost and turfed the top.

But I’m afraid we disagree over what it should be called. I think it makes a perfect mini seat, but he uses it as a table.

However I did notice him resting his feet on it. So I think that what we’re actually looking at here is a pouffe.

2 thoughts on “Turf war”

  1. I would just like to say thanks! Your photo has spurred me on! I have been meaning to do something about my table top lawn for along time.I have been pondering whether to scarify, hollow tine spike and top dress, but as a wise man once said “it takes just as long to do some_thing, as it takes to do no_thing” so today i took the bold step of a complete re-turf!


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